Last Updated: February, 2010

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Jonathon Verdon-Roe (left)
and Eric Verdon Roe (right)
at the top of the stairs
leading to the centennial
The overcast and rainy weather
outside did not deter the  
approximately 100 aviation
enthusiasts gathered at the
Manchester Museum of Science
and Industry's Air and Space Hall
on January 18th 2010 to
celebrate the 100 anniversary of
the founding of the A.V. Roe
aircraft company.   

The celebration got under way
around 14:30 hrs. with a ride on
vintage historical buses to the
Brownsfield Mill building in
Ancoats, Manchester England,
where the AVRO & Co. was
established 100 years earlier on
January 1, 1910 by Alliot Verdon
Roe (A.V.Roe) and his brother
Humphrey Verdon Roe (H.V.Roe).

The event was topped off with the
unveiling  of a commemorative
plaque, dedicated to the
Brownsfield Mills by the two
grandsons of A.V and H.V, Eric
Verdon Roe and Jonathon Verdon
Eric Verdon Roe admiring the
Manchester Science
Museum's Roe triplane
replica recently completed.
Brownsfield Mill centennial
plaque marking the famous
location of the founding of
the A.V. Roe & Co. (AVRO) .